Union City Wireless Association - WA3UC

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Mailbag Net Info

The Erie Area Mailbag net meets Mondays through Fridays on the WA3UC 146.70 repeater in Union City, PA. Sometime it is linked to the W3GV 146.610 repeater in Erie and W3GV 146.82 repeater in Waterford.  PL Tone is 186.2 Hz.

Erie Area Mailbag Net Preamble/Instructions

Repeater codes are available from: WX3E, N3APP, N3NKV.

Identify your station and say” this is ______ with tones”. (always id before sending any tones)

Touchtone in _____ for net mode and _____for the link, confirm link by identifying and hearing the tail tone from 61 or talking to someone.


Calling the Erie Area Mailbag Net, calling the Erie Area Mailbag Net. This is ______ net control station for this evening. My name is ____ & my QTH is _____.
Are there any stations on frequency with EMERGENCY, PRIORITY, or TIME VALUE traffic?


This is a open & directed net which meets Monday through Friday at 20:00 hrs on the 146.70 WA3UC repeater in Union City, Pa & the 146.61 and 146.82 repeaters in Erie PA. This is a “local” traffic net whose primary purpose is to familiarize area hams with the handling of worldwide traffic coming into, or going out of the area. We also provide current information about Amateur radio activities in the area. All Amateurs are encouraged to participate. All traffic will be handled through net control and must be in the standard ARRL National Traffic System format.

(pause and let the repeaters cycle and i.d.)

Are there any stations on frequency with traffic and with traffic only, please call _____ (call sign) and list your traffic. (“List” meaning, stations give destination of traffic and number of 



Are there any stations wishing to check in via EchoLink?

(give a longer pause as there is more delay on EchoLink)

Are there any stations wishing to check in with or without traffic(on each repeater seperately) ?

The Erie Area Mailbag Net is currently holding traffic for… (List all traffic given above) OR…

The Erie Area Mailbag Net is not currently holding any traffic.

*** Handle Traffic*** (tell one station to call the other and send the traffic)

Are there any other check ins with or without traffic for tonight’s net?


Are there any stations with announcements, questions or comments?

(handle any stations comments)

Are there any late check-ins?

***(If W3MJA is on frequency, give a net report and allow time to confirm it. i.e.: “Please copy my number 1 net report for January 32nd. There were 8 check in’s and 10 pieces of traffic passed.” (this gives us a piece of traffic for the evenings net)

(End net with…) ***

With no further traffic we will close this evening’s net. Thanks to everyone for joining and thanks to the Union City Wireless Assoc., and the Radio Assn of Erie for allowing us the use of the repeaters. Our next scheduled net is ________ at 20:00hrs when _____ will be net control. This is ______ closing this evenings net and returning the repeater to normal Amateur use at ____ PM. 73 and Good evening.

Please standby for tones.

Send _____ to cancel net mode, pause for confirmation, and _____to drop the link, listen for the controller to confirm your actions so you know the change took effect.