Union City Wireless Association - WA3UC

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9333 Tate Rd, Erie, PA 16509
Amateur Radio Exam Info
Prior to Taking Your Exam: 

1. If possible, Register online for your FCC FRN Number.  https://apps.fcc.gov/coresWeb/publicHome.do

Remember To Bring:

  1. A valid photo ID (like your driver’s license) or two other forms of ID. If you do not have a photo ID, then bring copies of your other ID documents as we must include them with your test materials.
  2. Two sharpened pencils (because if you only have one it will break) and one pen.
  3. A calculator (optional).  Keep it simple because if it’s more than just a calculator (like a PDA or cell phone) or can be programmed it will NOT be permitted.
  4. If you are upgrading, you need to bring the original and a copy of your current Amateur Radio license.
  5. If you have any valid (not more than 365 days old) CSCEs for tests you’ve already passed, but do not yet have credit for bring the original CSCE and a copy.
  6. Examination fee for LAUREL VE Exams: FREE!
    Examination fee for ARRL VE Exams: $15.00
  7. If you are doing a “grandfather” upgrade then please see Frequently Asked Questions About Amateur Radio Restructuring for more information.


There continues to be some confusion about which elements you have credit for when you upgrade. The elimination of the CW requirement for General and Amateur Extra licenses has eliminated much of it but these two special cases still exist.

  • If you have a Novice license you have no credit for current exam elements. To upgrade to Technician you need to take the Technician test. To upgrade to General you need to take BOTH the Technician and General tests.
  • If you have an Advanced license then you have credit for elements 2 and 3 you still need to take the tougher current Extra exam to upgrade.

Again, good luck with testing for your new license or upgrade!

Local Laurel VE Exams

The Allegheny Highland Repeater Association in Warren County also is affiliated with Laurel VEC.
They have exams scheduled at  multiple times throughout the year in Warren County.
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Examination fee for Laurel VE Exams: 

Free! Information about nearby  ARRL VEC Exam 

LocationsARRL VEC Amateur Radio exams are given monthly in Erie, PA and Jamestown, NY

Erie, PA

When: 3rd Saturday of the month at 9 AM.

Where: Wattsburg Wireless Association Club Room
Greene Township Municipal Building – 9333 Tate Road
Room 114 – Use Southeast Entrance near Playground
Erie, PA. 16509

Contact: Ronald Rycek KB3QBB
Phone: 814-833-6829
Email: kb3qbb@arrl.net

Examination fee for ARRL VE Exams – $15.00 Cash or checks only. Sorry 
no debit or credit cards.


Jamestown, NY

When: 1st Saturday of the Month at 2 p.m.

Where:  Prendergast Library
509 Cherry Street
2nd floor Conference Room
Jamestown, NY 14701-9540

Contact: Russell D. Trippy
Phone:(716) 487-7592
Email: w2rdt@yahoo.com

Examination fee for ARRL VE Exams – $15.00 Cash or checks only. Sorry no debit or credit cards.

Prendergast Library 509 Cherry Street 2nd floor Conference Room Jamestown, NY 14701-9540