Union City Wireless Association - WA3UC

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The Union City Wireless Association is located in Union City, PA which is 26 miles south of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Erie is located 2 hours from Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland.

The History of the Union City Wireless Association

This is from an article that appeared in the Radio Amateurs of Corry October 1995 Newsletter

Something different and exciting happened in Union City last month. On September 14, 1995, a new and long-needed radio club came into being. The “Union City Wireless Association” was formed by a group
of some fifteen hams meeting in the living room of W7RVY. The group went over a set of “draft” bylaws, making changes, adding, and subtracting, and coming up with a short, but workable platform for the operation of the new club.

Prior to the discussion and adoption of bylaws, a thorough presentation of the history, present condition and future of the 146.70 repeater was given. Ideas and suggestions were heard as to what those present wanted or expected from the machine. Some of the plans were to get the machine up as soon as possible, put the patch back on, add a 440 repeater to the complex and the possibility of a ten meter outlet, as well as better coverage for users. The UCWA. came into being with some assets in equipment, and cash. All of the assets were gathered up over time by the area hams. There was a GE Master repeater, a Regency 440 repeater, a 2 meter duplexer, various antennas and cabinetry, a power supply, spare parts for the GE, and some $270.00 in cash. The site, on the WCTL tower and transmitter building, is of very great value also, as is the goodwill of all of the Union City community. Prior to the forming of the UCWA., the hams had ordered a repeater from Florida, and were working on getting funding to pay for it. With donations and dues to the club, along with a fund raiser–selling cotton candy at the U C Homecoming parade–sufficient money was raised to pay for the new repeater, (a Motorola Mocom), and leave some $70.00 in the brand new UCWA checking account. The 146.70 machine is back up and running. We are looking to the installation of the 440 machine, and the patch is on 2 meters.

All-in-all, the Union City Wireless Association is off to a good start.